One Thing at a Time

I’ve often heard the saying: one day at a time, but something that cropped up for me today is the importance of taking things one THING at a time. As a species, humans are actually quite horrible at multi-tasking. We might think we are pretty good at it. Completing a task on our computer whileContinue reading “One Thing at a Time”

7 Days of Powerful, Practical, Immediate Stress Management Techniques: A Wrap-Up

This week I’ve shared some amazing, simple stress management techniques via Instagram (@stresswellwithliz). And now I want to combine them all in a blog post so that you can have them all in one place and as an easy reference for when you need some quick stress relief. Think of this like your stress managementContinue reading “7 Days of Powerful, Practical, Immediate Stress Management Techniques: A Wrap-Up”

7 Days of Powerful, Practical, Immediate Stress Management Tools: Day 1

There is no quick fix to stress. There are, however, ways to manage your stress and/or anxiety in the moment that will help you to feel immediate relief. These tools, when practiced daily and constantly can also help you to manage your stress in the long run. I decided to write about some immediate, practicalContinue reading “7 Days of Powerful, Practical, Immediate Stress Management Tools: Day 1”

Therapy is Not Easy

Have you ever gone to therapy or considered seeking therapy? I have. And I’m not ashamed to say that I currently do weekly talk therapy. In this post I have one overarching message to share from my experience with therapy and different therapists, and it is that therapy isn’t easy, but it is worth it.Continue reading “Therapy is Not Easy”

What Happened to the ‘Health’ in ‘Mental Health’

When we talk about mental health, we aren’t talking about health. We’re actually talking about the lack of health. ‘Mental health’, as a term, attempts to signify the state of one’s mental well being, but it has become more synonymous with “mental illness” or the lack of mental health. You can observe a similar trendContinue reading “What Happened to the ‘Health’ in ‘Mental Health’”

Listen to Your Body

Your body always knows what it needs before you know what it needs. And if you listen closely, you can hear it.  When we are stressed, the body will exhibit signals, from extremely minute to obviously loud, and we can use these signals to understand and cope with the stress we are experiencing. There isContinue reading “Listen to Your Body”

Driving in a Car with Anxiety

The other night I was telling my therapist how I was dreading going to a friend’s party. I wanted to go to the party. I wanted to show up for my friend. But, I also had a lot of reasons not to. There would be many people there. There would be many people there thatContinue reading “Driving in a Car with Anxiety”

How to Stress Well while Traveling

Traveling can be stressful. Planning your travel dates, requesting time off from work, purchasing plane tickets, booking accommodations, booking other necessary modes of travel, ensuring your travel documents are up to date, packing… not to mention being in a new place with potentially a different language and culture… the list goes on. Luckily the joysContinue reading “How to Stress Well while Traveling”

How to be Your Own Advocate When it Comes to Stress

When it comes to Stress, you have to advocate for yourself and your boundaries. I’ve learned this the hard way, but better to learn it late than never. It’s one thing to have to manage our stress, and it is another to practice control over the stress in our lives that can be controlled. Now,Continue reading “How to be Your Own Advocate When it Comes to Stress”

Tips for Managing Overwhelming Anxiety

I woke up this past Monday extremely anxious. Anxious about going to work, anxious about having enough time to finish all of the tasks I needed to finish at work, anxious that the tasks not only wouldn’t get accomplished but that they wouldn’t get accomplished well. I woke up anxious also about non-work stuff. OverContinue reading “Tips for Managing Overwhelming Anxiety”